Terms of Service

The Deftly site is used for the development and support of educationally related software. Information may be collected on user activity in order to monitor the system performance, to locate problems in software performance, and to improve user experience.

Deftly provides access to this site in order allow people to evaluate its software and services and for limited educational use. No warranty is made regarding the reliability of service or suitability for a particular task.

The user should only upload resources to Deftly to which they are entitled utilized. Deftly will endeavor to protect the privacy of resources that are meant to be confidential, but the users may have opportunities for sharing resources with other users and are responsible for abiding by content licensing and exercising caution by not sharing restricted material.

Deftly reserves the right to remove any material, limit, or terminate service for any reason including offensive, defamatory, commercial activity inconsistent with its mission.

A report of user data stored may be requested from the user profile page, and user account and related data will be deleted after users request. Deftly reserves the right to modify policies from time to time, to limit resources, and to terminate services and accounts.