• About Deft

    Deft is a polling service which allows instant “live” changes to the Moodle site. It is an external service, which enables updating the contents in users browsers via the websocket protocol. The service is free for testing and limited usage, but will be capped for larger sites without a service agreement in the future. The service is linked as an External Tool (LTI), but user information is not shared with the service other than what is necessary to provide connection i.e IP number associated with block’s context. The service will remain free for smaller sites, but sites with larger usage may require a service agreement after 60 day to prevent usage restrictions.

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    Products powered by Deft

    Deft response (block_deft)

    The Deft response block enables live interactions with students, directly in a Moodle, using Live Texts , Live Choices and Live Comments. Managers or Editing teachers can create multiple tasks consisting of short texts, discussions or polls, and control remotely which ones are displayed and how students may interact with them.

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