Conferencing Venues

The venue task allows teachers to quickly provide a place for students to interact by talking together or with a teacher about learning activities. Teachers can place one or more venues on a block. Students join a conversation in a venue simply by clicking a button. Authentication and profile information are handled by Moodle. Only those who have the correct Moodle capabilities are able to access the venue. Teachers can provide content inside the venue for learners to access.

Users inside a venue may be connected together with peer to peer for audio conversation in small groups or using an audio bridge server for more reliable connections in large groups. Video can also be streamed by a teacher in the venue in a bridged venue.


You can log in to this site with a test account using username student or teacher and password test. After you log in, the buttons on the right will be active, and you will able to join either venue. You may need to grant permission to use your microphone on the site. You can log in on another device to try a conversation. Remember this is a public test account and venue so other people may appear in the session.

Controlling the session

Control buttons appear in the venue display allowing interactions. Users can mute or unmute, raise and lower hand signal, and leave the session using button that appear under their names in the venue session. Control buttons also appear in the block in place of the Join button to control the session from the original page.Teachers are also able to mute others in the venue session. If the venue is using the bridge server, then teacher or moderator will also have buttons to share cameras or screen content.

Venue Options

An editing teacher can can control how the venue manager appears when adding or editing the task on the block's dashboard. It can be set to appear as a modal in the current page if it is only meant to remain open while users are on that page, or it can be open in  a new browser window.

Teachers can also limit the number of guests which are able to enter a venue at one time. This might be used to divide learners into self forming groups. Teachers can also add custom HTML text to the display to give instruction or other materials to the group when they enter.

Admins can adjust audio quality in the administration settings. The sample rate and noise reduction options are set there.

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