The Deft response block has support for the Moodle Mobile App. The block will be displayed in the app, users can post comments and make choices or polls in the app. Peer-to-peer venues are displayed as links that will open in a browser. Bridged venues are natively supported in the app. Users are able to do everthing except sharing video and muting others with app. Video must be shared from a browser. The block should work out of the box which the standard Moodle App or your own branded version without any added effort

The Mobile Apps only displays blocks that appear on the main course page, not on activity page. App users will only be able to access a Deft response block only if it appears in a course context.

The block also functions normally in a standard Mobile browser on Mobile devices.

Venue in app

Last modified: Saturday, October 14, 2023, 12:38 PM