The text task allows a way for teachers to add a message to students in real time. Text task are defined with a little bit of content. A non editing teacher can make them visible to learners on from the dashboard at the appropriate time or or hide them when no longer relevant.


Comments tasks allow learner or teachers to post messages ordered by time that appear immediately to others after posting. This functions like a real time chat app. Multiple comments tasks can be used in a block for separate conversations or channels. Teachers can make the individual comment tasks appear or disappear when that choose to open or close a topics. All data is saved in the Moodle comment subsystem and are accessible from log reports, search, etc.


There are two Deft blocks on this page showing Text and Comments task. Login with username teacher and password test to see Manage button that opens the dashboard. You can make individual tasks visible and change other conditions on the comments. Log in on another device or browser session with username student and password test to see how information is updated in real time for students.


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