Code installation

The Deft plugin available for installation through the Moodle plugin database and can be installed from there automatically if your server is configured to support that or it can be downloaded. Source code is also available from the Github repository. The plugin code should be located in blocks/deft subdirectory of your Moodle installation


After installation go to the admin settings for Plugins -> Blocks -> Deft response. Check 'Enable updating' and save. An activation button should appear. Click the button and agree to the dialog to begin the activation.

If activation fails, verify that your site is publicly accessible. If you want to test the plugin, but do not have a public test site, you can create a account on one of our sandbox sites

Additional Configuration

Review the other settings to see that they are appropriate for your site. The default settings for Venue adjust the preferred audio settings for normal speaking. You may change these if you need more accurate sound quality for performances etc.

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