1. Setting up the meeting


The plenary meeting activity can be set up in a Moodle course in the same way any other Moodle activity. A teacher turns on edit mode and selects add an activity. The teacher chooses Plenary meeting from the activity chooser. Then the teacher uses the editing form to set the name in description and any other relevant options. Finally the teacher or manager determines who can participate in the meeting and chair the meeting by setting the appropriate permission either on the activity or in the courses participants settings.

If the plenary meeting plug-in is not available for your system, then it may be configured as an LTI link to an externally hosted resource. the activity first needs to be said up in the external system and published. Then the configuration links should be provided by that system to your system admin. The admin will need to configure the tool to create the LTI activity. Teachers and students will be able access the activity through a course link to the external system.